Hi everyone

I was wondering if you guys could please help me out? Can you please tell me how you maintain your checkbook and budget? Prior to about three months ago, I was maintaining our budget in excel and the checkbook in Quicken. I decided to try to maintain our budget in Quicken so that I would not have to do double entries. However, I can not get it to report the way I like. I have been trying for about five months now. I have been considering going back to the Quicken/excel format that I was using, but thought I would ask for advice from you guys.

Thanks for any advice you give me!

I do my monthly budget in Excel, and manage my accounts in Quicken. In Excel, it’s easy to change numbers for a few categories depending on what is planned that month. Most months it’s pretty static, though.

Well, that was no fun

I spent most of the night last night prepping my argument for BCBS, waited all day for them to call. Of course they didn’t. So I decided to see if maybe, just maybe our records had changed any. Yep, looks like they are working on it. The hospital bill is now close to what I expect medicare to pay. Not perfect yet, but it is getting there.
The reason I say getting there is as I was checking the online payment (it was installment loans with bad credit history OK! from extloans.com) stuff balances started disappearing. So we are getting there. I’ll keep an eye on the payouts for a day or so and then if they stop working on it give them the well planned call.
Gee they took all the fun out of my plans. On another front read valuable lesson learned post.
Good news, chest x-ray shows NO congestive heart failure, a huge fear we had—part of what killed my mom, that my heart and lungs were in good shape. And well duh, I have arthritis in my back, you think? That stuff has plagued my family for generations and I knew I would get it. So I’ll just keep on keeping on and praying I survive the treadmill test on Tuesday.
Oh and our $500 refund on the camper finally showed up. I also found out that my next royalty check will be a double one because they are changing out the payout date from the first day of the month to the last. Weird.

Congrats on all the dragon-slaying!

Somewhere, there is a very frightened little accountant hiding under his/her desk, wondering how it ever came to be that they got so sloppy in their work, hoping to never ever EVER hear your voice at the other end of the phone. And the world is a better place because of that.

No mushroom cloud today

Maybe next week. I just talk to BCBS and they admit they have REALLY messed up and that there is a slight (very slight) possibility they owe me money because they prevented Medicare from paying. I am suppose to know more next week.
They did tell me to go ahead and schedule all the doctor appointments we need because it looks like it will all be 100% covered, including me. So, I just scheduled a physical for myself because I am having a lot of respiratory issues lately.

If that goes okay, then I’ll see what the doctor says about my eye surgery, if I am even a viable candidate for it.

Dh will go to his doctors this next couple of weeks as well.

So while I was doing a “dragon slaying day” I called to find out where that final $500 refund on the camper was and got a firm grip on the top person, end result the check is supposedly being mailed today. We’ll see.

Next up was our county clerk because we still haven’t received our lien release from where we paid the first mortgage off the first of the summer. It seems Wells Fargo had sent them a self addressed stamped envelope and the release had been sent back to them months ago. However, I can get a copy for $1 a page from the court clerk. I’ll do that Tuesday when I am out running around to go see the doctor.
Since I am on a roll sort of I also called the people who send out my royalty checks, because I haven’t received one for the revenues from August yet. While we aren’t dependent on it I want to make certain it hasn’t taken a walk out of my mailbox without me. Still waiting on those folks to call me back.

I had plenty of time to do these calls today because the guys are working overtime, despite it being a holiday week. And yes they are getting paid ot rates for it.

If you can remember back that far…I was in Best Line originally

I was in a short while and acccording to the model I recruited another person to buy product from me. I had trouble delivering the product since I did not drive at the time. It was a soap concentrate. As a result my sales team member bought direct from my distributor. I think this was improper but my distributor allowed it. So I lost confidence in the process and a case of soap sat in my closet until I used it all. Later I had friends who tried and tried to get me in NLM but I was never really interested after that. Since then I have seen lots of presentations for cosmetics, health products, soaps, and other things. I always didn’t join because I recognized the work that must be involved and I wanted to spend my time other ways. Finally I started recognizing that there was a problem with them. Thousands joined but you had to really get in at the beginning if you really wanted to make money and I was never at the beginning. Also I noticed that the really big success stories they seemed to tout were always seemingly doctors who were successful already but sold to their many clients. Clearly that wasn’t me…just a working class ordinary.

Hi all!

My name is Lucas and I have been involved in BNBs in the past. I am not now. I stumbled across the internet. I am curious regarding other people’s experiences. I will be reading the past posts. I probably won’t post very often. I would be happy to talk of my experiences if asked. Mostly I want to hear/read what others have experienced.