If you can remember back that far…I was in Best Line originally

I was in a short while and acccording to the model I recruited another person to buy product from me. I had trouble delivering the product since I did not drive at the time. It was a soap concentrate. As a result my sales team member bought direct from my distributor. I think this was improper but my distributor allowed it. So I lost confidence in the process and a case of soap sat in my closet until I used it all. Later I had friends who tried and tried to get me in NLM but I was never really interested after that. Since then I have seen lots of presentations for cosmetics, health products, soaps, and other things. I always didn’t join because I recognized the work that must be involved and I wanted to spend my time other ways. Finally I started recognizing that there was a problem with them. Thousands joined but you had to really get in at the beginning if you really wanted to make money and I was never at the beginning. Also I noticed that the really big success stories they seemed to tout were always seemingly doctors who were successful already but sold to their many clients. Clearly that wasn’t me…just a working class ordinary.