Well, that was no fun

I spent most of the night last night prepping my argument for BCBS, waited all day for them to call. Of course they didn’t. So I decided to see if maybe, just maybe our records had changed any. Yep, looks like they are working on it. The hospital bill is now close to what I expect medicare to pay. Not perfect yet, but it is getting there.
The reason I say getting there is as I was checking the online payment (it was installment loans with bad credit history OK! from extloans.com) stuff balances started disappearing. So we are getting there. I’ll keep an eye on the payouts for a day or so and then if they stop working on it give them the well planned call.
Gee they took all the fun out of my plans. On another front read valuable lesson learned post.
Good news, chest x-ray shows NO congestive heart failure, a huge fear we had—part of what killed my mom, that my heart and lungs were in good shape. And well duh, I have arthritis in my back, you think? That stuff has plagued my family for generations and I knew I would get it. So I’ll just keep on keeping on and praying I survive the treadmill test on Tuesday.
Oh and our $500 refund on the camper finally showed up. I also found out that my next royalty check will be a double one because they are changing out the payout date from the first day of the month to the last. Weird.