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In the past, we have been hestitant to work alongside of other tomato paste product suppliers.

Our partners, Newborder Tomato Co. have given us the go ahead to manufacturer alongside of them.

It is our great honor to present their products to you in as special of a way as possible. They are new supplying the following items:

Newborder’s High Quality Tomato Paste Drums for work in the place of other manufacturers.

Amazing Tomato Paste Production Lines including the ability to produce more products in the long run.

There is no greater pleasure for us as a manufacturer than to allow this partnership to grow. It will be a long run in the end, but we are excited to make things happen for everyone.

What else do our customers gain by this rewarding partnership? Well, first off, there is an incentive for each side.

The more that production is filled, the more we are able to continue supplying great products to our clients for years and years to come.

Here is to a great Tomato Loving Future!

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