No mushroom cloud today

Maybe next week. I just talk to BCBS and they admit they have REALLY messed up and that there is a slight (very slight) possibility they owe me money because they prevented Medicare from paying. I am suppose to know more next week.
They did tell me to go ahead and schedule all the doctor appointments we need because it looks like it will all be 100% covered, including me. So, I just scheduled a physical for myself because I am having a lot of respiratory issues lately.

If that goes okay, then I’ll see what the doctor says about my eye surgery, if I am even a viable candidate for it.

Dh will go to his doctors this next couple of weeks as well.

So while I was doing a “dragon slaying day” I called to find out where that final $500 refund on the camper was and got a firm grip on the top person, end result the check is supposedly being mailed today. We’ll see.

Next up was our county clerk because we still haven’t received our lien release from where we paid the first mortgage off the first of the summer. It seems Wells Fargo had sent them a self addressed stamped envelope and the release had been sent back to them months ago. However, I can get a copy for $1 a page from the court clerk. I’ll do that Tuesday when I am out running around to go see the doctor.
Since I am on a roll sort of I also called the people who send out my royalty checks, because I haven’t received one for the revenues from August yet. While we aren’t dependent on it I want to make certain it hasn’t taken a walk out of my mailbox without me. Still waiting on those folks to call me back.

I had plenty of time to do these calls today because the guys are working overtime, despite it being a holiday week. And yes they are getting paid ot rates for it.